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Santa Barbara Construction Defect Attorneys

Construction defect litigation covers a wide range of important legal issues, including lawsuits regarding personal injuries and property damage. Construction defect cases can arise due to any number of issues, including water intrusion, mold damage, poor drainage, bad plumbing and many more.

No matter what the source of the complaint, at Minehan, McFaul & Fitch, LLP, we understand that each case is unique and influenced by individual factors. While other firms may apply a "cookie-cutter" approach to these types of cases, we take the time to thoroughly investigate the circumstances behind the claim, seeking out opportunities and identifying potential challenges before they arise. This approach is part of our dedication to providing personal, individualized legal service to every client.

Our attorneys are prepared to provide claims and coverage representation for clients who are involved in cases such as:

  • Subcontractor and general contractor disputes
  • Supplier and manufacturer disputes
  • Design professional claims
  • Homeowner claims
  • Habitability claims for tenants, property managers and/or owners

Assisting With Complex Construction Defect Issues

Our firm is recognized as one of the premier California insurance litigation offices. Our attorneys offer the benefit of more than 80 years of experience in the area of litigating construction defect claims. This experience gives us the professional resources and capacity to advise and represent clients seeking an opinion about complex claims, suits, and coverage matters. As experts in the field of insurance coverage, we are also well equipped to handle the myriad coverage issues which are instrumental to the resolution of complex construction defect matters.

Enter The Process Prepared

Though we are prepared to aggressively defend our clients' rights at trial, we first pursue more efficient and cost-effective strategies. Mediation, for example, can often produce favorable results. We take the time to thoroughly investigate all the important issues at the beginning of the process, enabling us to enter mediation sessions well-prepared and ready in advance for unforeseen tactics or evidence that may arise. It is a strategy we have used many times in the past, and one which we believe to be the most effective way to resolve cases while protecting our clients' interests.

Representing Local Plaintiffs

In addition to providing legal assistance to contractors, suppliers, design professionals and insurers, we are also prepared to lend our advice to individuals who may have a construction defect claim to assert. Our experience has given us the ability to examine the issues involved from every perspective, allowing us to provide comprehensive advice to all of our clients.

To contact our law office, please fill out our online form or call us at 805-963-8252.



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